A Very Important Gig

  • The Looking Glass Cocktail Club

The white rabbit would like to invite you to a very important gig, featuring some of best musical talent that London has to offer!

The show will feature vibrant ukulele playing pop artist Jazz Mino (as seen on London Live TV, Ticketmaster Rising), with her talented cellist and violinist (Miranda Lewis, Natalia Wierzbicka), the beautiful harmonies of Belle & The Busker (as heard on BBC Radio 2, BBC London), and the sweet, soulful vocals of Charlotte Campbell (as seen on Timeout, Metro).

As well as a passion for music, these fantastic musicians also share a love of singing to you on the Southbank & London Underground!

So pop down the rabbit hole, through the secret 'mirror' door and join The Looking Glass for a fantastic acoustic evening of London's finest.

£6 TICKET + Free Jazz Mino CD

More Details Coming Soon...

Jazz Mino: http://www.jazzmino.com/

Belle & The Busker: http://www.belleandthebusker.com/

Charlotte Campbell: http://www.charlottecampbell.co.uk/

September 21