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Mother In Law's Day - Murder Walk

  • Tottenham Court Road Underground Station Oxford Street London United Kingdom (map)

Urgh! It's HER again. The Mother-in-Law. The one you didn't marry, but for some unfathomable reason... you're stuck with... for life. She's as sweet as a ticked-off scorpion, as likeable as lollipop covered in dog-poo and as pleasant as a deadly dose of the plague. And even though she's not your mother (thank God), you still have to get her something for Mother's Day otherwise... (shudders)... it's not even worth thinking about.

So treat her to TWO HOURS of MURDER on "London's best murder walk", featuring 18 MURDERS, 21 LOCATIONS, 75 CORPSES over a one mile walk, which is guaranteed to play merry hell with her warty feet, overlapping corns and varicose veins, as she slithers from murder to murder, all of which (if we're honest) she either committed, or has done much much worse.

Or, if you'd just love to get rid of her for two hours? BOOK NOW! £500 extra... and I'll bump her off. We'll say it was an accident. "Honest M'lud, she tripped over her own saggy sour unsmiling face". (wink)